At Camp Eagle Ridge, we take pride in having one of the highest staff retention rates in the nation! Most of our staff have been a part of Camp Eagle Ridge for 10 years or longer! We believe that it is the staff that works with your child that matter most.

Bethany KoromBethany Korom returns to our counseling staff in 2016! This will be Bethany’s 10th summer at camp as a camper, Counselor-In-Training, Junior-Counselor and a member of our kitchen staff. She is very excited to return to camp as a counselor for our youngest girls this year!

Bethany is from New Berlin, Wisconsin, and is attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She is studying pre-med with an emphasis on child development. Throughout her high-school career, Bethany practiced her leadership skills developed at Camp Eagle Ridge by accepting the elected treasurer position for the National Honor Society, as well as the Senior Class treasurer for Student Union.

Throughout Bethany’s summers at camp, she enjoyed playing and teaching soccer and golf, and being a part of cooking meals and all water activities. She loves the delicious food served for every meal, especially the desserts! Bethany says, “Camp is a safe place to let go and be yourself. No one judges you and everyone is ready with hugs and a huge smile to encourage you with everything you do. The long-lasting friendships and endless memories will truly make camp your home away from home.”

Kippy TerryKippy Terry is joining our 2016 Counseling Staff! She will be a counselor in Integrity, with Bethany. She has been a camper since 2011 and has participated in the Counelor-in-Training and the Junior Counselor programs.
Kippy is from Kansas City, Missouri, where she is involved in volunteer programs such as the Great Plains SPCA and Girls on the Run. She is the president of her high school's Pep Club and loves demonstrating school pride. Kippy has also been a partisipant with AMIGOS de las Americas and she traveled to Nicaragua to live with a host family for a month in a rural community. Her experience in Nicaragua gave her an opportunity to use the leadership skills she learned at camp to bring her community together and build a kitchen for the primary school.

Kippy's favorite part about camp is the talent show because it gives each camper a chance to showcase their talents. Her other favorite activities include lacrosse, kayaking, and cooking.

"Camp is my favorite place in the world and I cannot wait to help make this summer the best ever!"

olivia burridgeOlivia Burridge joins our 2016 counselling staff! Olivia is from Edinburgh, Scotland and studies Biomedical Science at the University of Aberdeen. 

Olivia has been a competitive swimmer for many years and is currently doing triathlon. She loves all water sports, in particular kayaking and sailing. She has completed her Duke of Edinburgh and loves hiking, camping, and being outdoors.

When she isn’t doing sport, Olivia enjoys cooking and reading. She also enjoys travelling and spent last summer backpacking around Europe. Olivia can’t wait for camp this summer!

Maddie Byrnes

Maddie Byrnes returns to our 2016 Counseling Staff! Maddie is the counselor in Loyalty! Maddie was a Counselor-in-Training and a Junior Counselor, and in 2012, she was chosen as the CER Camper of the Year!

Maddie is from Richfield, Wisconsin and is attending the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay in the Fall, where she is studying Education.

In her spare time, Maddie is part of an Improv team at a comedy club.

Maddie's favorite activities include: sailing, lacrosse, canoeing, improv, volleyball, swing dancing and arts & crafts!

One of Maddie's favorite memories was leading her Master Builder's Club!

Nicole Khvalabov

This will be Nicole Khvalabov’s 8th summer at Camp Eagle Ridge. She is super excited to be the counselor of Challenger!

As a Junior and Senior in high school, Nicole was a mentor in her school's Freshman Mentor Program where she led an advisory of freshman students. While getting to know each student on an individual basis, she helped them with their transition into high school. She absolutely loved the experience and used the leadership skills she learned from camp to best help her freshman. She was also on the executive board of student council where she lead groups in various tasks such as raising money, creatively spreading news around school, and planning events.

Nicole now studies Speech Pathology and Psychology at the University of Iowa to one day help children combat speech problems through speech therapy. At the University, she is a member of the sorority Zeta Tau Alpha which stresses the importance of philanthropy, sisterhood, and academics. ZTA's philanthropy is breast cancer education and awareness which Nicole helped in raising over $30,000 for, as well as participating in the 5k. She is also involved in several other student organizations on campus.

In her free time Nicole loves to write, listen to music, and read. Nicole was on her high school’s dance team for two years and loves to dance. She enjoys yoga and hopes to teach it as an activity at camp. She also enjoys the diverse number of activities offered at camp, and can’t wait to be back at her "home away from home"!

Katie ShieldsKatie Shields has been attending Camp Eagle Ridge since she was seven years old! This will be her 15th summer and she is the counselor in Serenity, the oldest girls cabin. Katie is originally from Naperville, Illinois and is now attending the University of Tampa in Florida, majoring in Applied Dance. Katie is a part of the Spartan Scarlets Dance Team, Pi Beta Phi Fraternity for Women, teaches dance at a local studio and works at a western wear store! She loves to keep busy!

While at camp, some of Katie's favorite activities include archery, dance, canoeing, kayaking, ultimate frisbee and cooking! This will be Katie's second year as a certified lifeguard so she is looking forward to spending more time on the water. Katie also enjoys leadership workshops and says that she is constantly reminded of what she's learned at camp while at school or work. She is so excited to be returning for her third summer on staff!

Annie FerraroAnnie Ferraro is returning to our Camp Eagle Ridge staff for her fifth year at camp! First a camper, and then a counselor-in-training, Annie is very excited to return for her second year as a member of our kitchen staff.

Annie is from Eagan, Minnesota. She currently studies biology at Santa Clara University in California and puts her Camp Eagle Ridge leadership skills to work in several leadership clubs and organizations around campus. She is so excited to head back to the north woods this summer.

Annie’s favorite camp activities include kayaking, improv, sumo wrestling, and any arts-n-crafts. She has quite a sweet tooth and always looks forward to some delicious applesauce bars, a camp specialty.

She says, “Camp is such a unique environment that pushes each member to try new things, meet new people, and make some incredible memories. I attribute so much of who I am as an individual to my camp experiences.”

Mariah RosseboMariah Rossebo joins our staff this year as one of our photographers and support staff! Mariah loves capturing the smiles on our campers faces!

Mariah has been a camper at Eagle Ridge since 2010. Her favorite activities at camp include: basketball, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, gaga, kayaking, and Capture the Flag. While not at camp, Mariah is an avid reader and snow skier.

Mariah is from Richfield, Wisconsin and will be attending the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay in the Fall of 2016. She plans to become a dentist.

Dan HiltonDan Hilton returns to our staff this summer as our Photographer and Media Specialist, as well as our Co-Waterfront Director!

Dan instructs several activities, including sailing! Dan spent a summer working as a trainee sailing instructor in Greece. While he was there, he learned how to drive a powerboat and how to coach windsurfing! He's achieved his Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award, which required him to hike and camp for 5 days in the Brecon Beacons (Mountains in Wales, UK). Dan also spent years volunteering, which he did at his Local Cub Scout group, as a Youth Leader. Dan himself spent almost 10 years as a scout, which allowed him to go to camps, go hiking, do archery, rock climbing and multiple other activities!

During the camp off-season, Dan is working at a ski resort in France, where he is an avid snowboarder.

Whilst on his adventures, Dan likes to video his time and then make a memories montage afterwards and we are certain this time will be no exception!

"I'm looking forward to my next adventure, taking part in all the activities and helping everyone enjoy them just as much as I did when I was a kid!"

Connor Williams

Connor Williams returns to our counseling staff this summer, all the way from South Wales.
Connor is currently attending University to obtain his teaching degree. During his gap year, Connor volunteered in Tamil Nadu, Southern India for five weeks. He taught sports and spoken English to underprivileged boys and girls aged five to twenty-one. More so, he participated in programs to encourage organic farming and women empowerment. Connor has also traveled to Sweden, where he worked with local sports clubs and their members.

Scouts and Cadets has been a huge part of Connor’s life. He has spent over two years as a Scout, where he became a patrol leader and participated in bush and camp craft activities; as well as, canoeing, kayaking, rock climbing, hiking and pioneering adventures.
Connor says “Scouts taught me the importance of preparation. A simple example is having everything needed to maintain a campfire before lighting it: having the three materials at hand and using them in the correct order; the tinder first, then the kindling and finally the fuel.”

Connor is now entering his sixth year as an Air Cadet, where he serves the rank of Cadet Warrant Officer. In 2012 he completed the Nijmegen marches (held in the Netherlands) where he, and his team marched one hundred miles over four days along with other cadets and military personnel from all over the world.
In 2013, Connor graduated the Air Cadet Leadership Course at RAF College Cranwell with a distinction. Also, in cadets as a senior member, Connor teaches Initial Expedition training and leadership exercises.

Connor is a keen scuba diver, having dived in Gibraltar and Cyprus he achieved his PADI Advanced Open Water Diving qualification. He has also completed his Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award, when he hiked for five days and camped for four nights totally self sufficient in the Lake District, England.
Climbing and kayaking are two sports Connor loves; he assists cadets climbing on weekends whilst working towards his Single Pitch Award and Kayak Coach Level 1.

Connor says, “I cannot wait to be a part of the summer camp tradition! Neither can I wait to bring campers together, to foster the sense of adventure, team spirit, and fun to have the best summer ever!”

Matt PuglieseWe welcome Matt Pugliese to our 2016 Counseling Staff! As a camper for 7 years (2013 Camper of the Year), a Counselor-in-Training, and a Junior Counselor, this will be Matt’s 10th year at camp and first on staff.

When he’s not at camp, Matt really enjoys getting involved in school-related clubs and organizations. As a member of his school’s student government, he has definitely put his leadership skills learned from camp to work in the real world.

This fall, Matt will be attending Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee to pursue a degree in business. At Rhodes, he has been selected to participate in the Bonner Scholars Program, which is a community service based program designed to address social injustice and hardships.

At camp, some of Matt’s favorite choice activities are basketball and volleyball, but he really enjoys the overnight tent trip and capture the flag. As a camp counselor for 3,4, and 5 year olds for the last 5 years, he finds that the most rewarding thing about working at summer camp is seeing kids come out of their shell and try things they didn’t think they could do.

Matt is very excited to join the counseling staff this year. He says, “Camp has given me the opportunity for the last nine years to really come out of my shell and thrive in an accepting and welcoming environment. I am excited to be able to give back and provide kids with a platform to open up and be who they want to be."

Nathan BurnsNathan Burns returns to our 2016 counseling staff! Nathan is from Wolverhampton, England. He is currently studying Physical Education at the University of Wolverhampton. Nathan enjoys going running and playing a variety of different sports such as Soccer, Tennis, Volleyball and Table Tennis.

Nathan has volunteered in many schools helping out in PE lessons and has a lot of experience teaching kids of all different ages and a variety of sports.

Nathan is very excited about camp and particularly looks forward to teaching and getting involved with Tennis, Soccer and the water sports activities.

Nick StaffaroniNick Staffaroni is excited to be returning to our 2016 staff this summer! Nick has been coming to camp for 8 years (starting at the age of 13), and has been a Counselor in Training as well as a Junior Counselor. This year, Nick will be the counselor in Wisdom, our oldest boys' cabin.

Nick is from Dallas, Texas. He is currently studying Psychology at Boston University. Nick loves to play soccer, and has been playing since he was in kindergarden. Nick played for his school's varsity team, as well as a local club team. Nick also enjoys origami, and is the Co-President of his school's origami club. Nick is intrigued by the arts, and likes to be active. Being goofy is one of his specialities.

There is no activity at camp that Nick doesn't enjoy, but his favorites are Archery, Improv, Kayaking, and Soccer.

Nick says, "Variety is the spice of life. You can never limit yourself to just one thing. What I really love about camp is, you'll never run out of things to try. Even if you do the same activity twice, there will always be a new friend to share the experience with. No two days are exactly alike at camp, especially when you're surrounded by so many great people."

Max Westman Max Westman returns to Camp Eagle Ridge for his 14th year! Max will be counseling again in the cabin of Explorer! Max has also been our Health Manager and Kitchen Facilitator.

Max is originally from Racine, Wisconsin and has recently been living in France. Max has also spent time volunteering with children in Guatemala. Max attended the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire and has been an E.M.T. in the past.



Dudley WilliamsDudley Williams has been a part of Camp Eagle Ridge for 16 years! Dudley was a camper, Counselor-In-Training, Junior Counselor, Counselor and has been instrumental in our kitchen staff for the past 5 years.

Dudley is an avid sports fan and enjoys coaching and playing basketball at camp. He also enjoys taking on all of the sumo wrestlers at camp. He is currently learning to play the piano.

Dudley is well known for leading the most adventurous weekend trips! Dudley says that one of the things he enjoys most about camp is "seeing people trying something that other people wouldn't expect them to try".

Ollie ChardReturning to our kitchen staff for his second year is Ollie Chard. Ollie is twenty one years old and from South West England, He's a professional Chef - he trained for three years at Bath Catering College. He worked for seven months with a Two Michelin Starred Celebrity Chef, Martin Blunos, at his fish restaurant in Bath.

Ollie loves working outdoors and was a scout for seven years where he was a patrol leader. He also took part in The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme and many outdoor camps and hikes. Ollie is a keen swimmer and loves all water sports so he is especially looking forward to working on the lake this summer.

Whilst at College, Ollie took time teaching kids from ages 10-12 the basics of cooking and healthy ingredients. Ollie says he is looking forward to sharing some traditional English recipes with everyone at camp.

"I can't wait for this summer to start and share my enthusiasm for cooking and the great outdoors!"

Owen LaCavaOwen LaCava is from Winnetka, Illinois, and this will be his sixth summer at camp. This is Owen’s first year on staff, and he will be doing a combination of work with kitchen staff and maintenance staff. In the fall, he’ll begin attending the University of St Andrews in St Andrews, Scotland. While not at camp, Owen enjoys playing and writing music. In addition to playing the guitar for over 13 years, he has studied music theory in school and composes orchestral music in his free time. Additionally, Owen loves the outdoors. Year-round, he enjoys going hiking and camping with his friends. He also enjoys reading, and is always up to talk about books.

Some of Owen’s favorite camp activities include cooking, capture the flag, archery, and kayaking. He’s incredibly excited to be returning this year, and hopes to meet a lot of new people.